Tatjana Stevanovic is a Professor,Université Laval,Canada

Tatjana Stevanovic


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Professor Tatjana Stevanovic has completed her undergraduate and graduate studies up to PhD at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade Serbia, at which she has been teaching Wood Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Wood until 1997. Since then, she is Professor at Laval University, Quebec, Canada, where she is teaching several courses on chemistry and chemical engineering of wood and performing research on bioactive polyphenols from forest biomass along with the studies on wood polymers, notably on lignins and their applications in materials. Professor Stevanovic has published numerous scientific papers and book chapters, while acting as scientific editor of two recently published books on properties and transformation of biopolymers and extractable molecules from lignocellulosics. She has published an international patent on new catalytic organoslv process leading to highly pure lignin. She is director of wood engineering programme at the Department of wood and forest sciences of the Laval University, where she is teaching and doing research. She is the fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science.


Number of refereed publications in last 5 years: 117;
patents:1 ;
Books and chapters: 5 books and 27 chapters ;
Number of citations: >`1175 ;
H index: 23


Wood chemistry, physical-chemistry, lignin chemistry, wood sciences and engineering, chemical
transformation of wood, forest extractives, polyphenols, radical scavenging capacity,
antioxidants, biopolymers, biomaterials, forest biorefinery