Qinlu Lin is a Professor,Center South University of Forestry and Technology,China

Qinlu Lin


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Center South University of Forestry and Technology


Dr. Qinlu Lin obtained his Ph.D. degree (in 2002) in Food Science from Hunan Agricultural University and then undertook postdoctoral fellowships at South China University of Technology (2003-2005). He also studied at Lund University in Sweden as a visiting scholar (1999-2000). Currently, he is a full Professor and Dean of the School of Food Science and Engineering of Center South University of Forestry and Technology. He is also Director of National Engineering Laboratory for Rice and By-product Process. He is experienced in Food Science, Protein Chemistry and Molecular Nutrition. Notably, Dr. Lin has authored more than 300 articles, having over 1000 total citations. In addition, he holds more than 30 patents and has published five academic monographs.


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Postdoctoral research:- South China University of Technology (2003-2005)

Ph.D:- College of Food Science and Engineering, Hunan Agricultural University (2000-2002)

Academic visitor:- Lund University, Sweden (1999-2000)

M.A:- College of Food Science and Technology, Hunan Agricultural University (1989-1992)


The researches were focused on the basic theory and application of grain deep processing, including the production and application of modified starches, development of key common technology of functional brown rice, corn germ oil, instant rice, and rice vermicelli processing, etc.