Meghraj Viveakanand Suryawanshi is a Research Associate ,Cerelia Nutritech Pvt. Ltd,India

Meghraj Viveakanand Suryawanshi

Research Associate

Organizing Committee


Cerelia Nutritech Pvt. Ltd


MEGHRAJ VIVEKANAND SURYAWANSHI currently working as Research Associate in FR&D department in Cerelia Nutritech Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

He have experience in semisolid, Trans dermal Formulation, NDDS (Derma) (Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical), cosmetics, personal care


Priyanka Balkrishna Shinde, Deshmukh Shweta Gunvantrao, Suryawanshi Meghraj Vivekanand (2019). Lipid Based Nano-particles: SLN/NLCs – Formulation Techniques, its evaluation and Applications. International Journal Of Creative And Innovative Research In All Study.

Meghraj Vivekanand Suryawanshi, Priyanka Balkrushna Shinde, Prathmesh Milind Bhave (2019). REVIEW ON: NUTRACEUTICALS AND ITS IMPACT ON HEALTHCARE. International Journal of Creative and Innovative Research in All Study.

Meghraj Vivekanand Suryawanshi, Dr. Hitendra S. Mahajan (2019). Formulation and Characterization of Betulinic Acid Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Breast Cancer. International Journal of Creative and Innovative Research in All Study.

Suryawanshi, M. (2018). INTRODUCTION TO VITILIGO AND ITS TREATMENT: A REVIEW. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Medicinal Plants.

Suryawanshi, M. and Mahajan, H. (2018) “BETULINIC ACID: A REVIEW ON POTENT ANTI-CANCER AGENT”, Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences.


  • Research and Development
  • Formulation and Development
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control