Mahmoud H Abu Ghoush is a Professor,The Hashemite University,Jordan

Mahmoud H Abu Ghoush


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The Hashemite University


Professor Dr. Mahmoud H. Abughoush, Dean of Applied Medical Science, The Hashemite University, Jordan. He completed his PhD in Food Chemistry, Food Safety and Processing in 2003 from Kansas State University/USA in the field of food science. He has published more than 35 papers in reputed journals and Dr. Abughoush has a long experience of training in many fields including food production and processing, Product development, Food safety, HACCP and ISO 22000, Quality control and sensory analysis training programs. Dr. Abughoush has also a long consultation experience in many fields of Food production problems detection, Food safety and quality control issues service, Food product developments. Dr. Abughoush has an excellent consultation experience in different food industrial sectors mainly with the faculty for each factory program (FFF, University of Jordan).
Dr. Abughoush is currently Associate Professor at the department of clinical nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Allied Health Science. He has been teaching courses in Food Science, Food Safety, Food Chemistry, Nutrition and Health. From 1992-2000, Dr. Abughoush worked as dairy plant manager, and a manager for food quality control labs at the Ministry of Health/ Jordan. During his Ph. D study, Dr. Abughoush worked as campus sanitarian at Health Safety department/ Kansas State University USA.



  • Research in food products development and sensory evaluation (using Hydrocolloids and protein combinations in Mayonnaise, Beverage production, Ice cream, cakes, extruded products, chips, dairy products).
  • Food products and Human Health (caffeine consumption and chronic diseases)
  • Evaluate the effect of gums and proteins (whey protein concentrate, wheat protein....etc) in combination on the surface, emulsions properties, and Sensory properties of a fluid food system.
  • Model, identify, and predict the surface properties of a protein-gum interactions using a fuzzy clustering model.
  • Research in food engineering, Extrusion, rheology, food microstructure imaging, structure-texture relationships.
  • Develop a rapid and reliable estimation method using techniques such as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and imaging to study the characteristics of food products.
  • Providing expert consulting services for food production industry


Agriculture Engineering Award for the best research. 2018.

Khalil Alsalm Award. The best book published in Arabic: Food safety and Nutrition values. 2013.

 The Hashemite University award for creativity. 2015.

 Fulbright Post doctor scholarship/ Kansas State University (2008).

ConAgra Internship/ Kansas State University (2003)

I. C. C Scholarship, Kansas State University (2001).

Graduate studies scholarship granted by The Hashemite University. Amman- Jordan, 2000- 2003.

Graduate studies scholarship granted by the Deanship of graduate studies. The University of Jordan. Amman- Jordan, 1990.

Mango Scholarship for Graduate study and research (1991-1992).

King Hussein Royal Scholarship for 4 years (1985- 1989).


- Actively cooperating with a research group at Kansas State University in the field of food product development 2007-2015).
- Strong cooperation with faculty members at the University of Jordan and the Jordan University of Science and Technology in the field of food product development and quality.