Kimia Moiniafshari is a Dietitian Nutrition Researcher,Danpuy Company,Iran

Kimia Moiniafshari

Dietitian Nutrition Researcher

Organizing Committee


Danpuy Company


Kimia Moiniafshari has received her BSc degree in Nutrition field from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. She is graduated in sport nutrition for her MSc and now is PhD student of exercise physiology. Her thesis for MSc was about the effects of supplementation and aerobic exercise on metabolic syndrome. She is now dietitian and sport nutrition consult at sport medicine federation and nutrition researcher at Danpuy Company.


  • She has some publications in nutrition and 'Autism' area and 'athlete's metabolism' and has the experience of presentation in international conferences.
  • She has translated three books in sport science, nutrition in autism and children body image.


2018  /   PhD of Exercise physiology /  Islamic Azad University, Science Research Branch
2016-2018  /   MSc of sport nutrition  /  Islamic Azad University
2011-2016   /   BSc of nutrition  /  Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science


She has received “Best Award Presentation” certificate from international conference on physical education, exercise and sport science, 2019.