Karim Khaled is a Clinical Nutritionist,Bournemouth University ,UK

Karim Khaled

Clinical Nutritionist

Organizing Committee Member


Bournemouth University


Karim Khaled is a Lebanese clinical nutritionist, licensed dietician, and one of the top Ph.D. researchers at Bournemouth University, where he conducts epidemiological studies and writes scientific papers. Khaled graduated from the Lebanese American University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. After graduation, he worked as a clinical nutritionist and dietician in Hammoud Hospital University Medical Center, Lebanon for one year and then travelled to the United Kingdom to do his master’s degree in Nutrition and Behaviour in 2016/2017. Khaled is currently at the end of the Ph.D. journey. His Ph.D. project aims to assess the association between stress and diet quality in women of reproductive age in three countries: UK, USA, and Lebanon.


Nutrition Epidemiology- Looking at the Diet Quality and its association with perceived stress in childbearing age women in three different countries: United Kingdom, Texas (USA), and Lebanon.