Hadi Atarod is a Doctor,National Olympic Academy and Paralympics - Sports Medicine Center,Iran

Hadi Atarod


Organizing Committee


National Olympic Academy and Paralympics - Sports Medicine Center



  • Responsible for the sports nutrition department at the National Olympic and Paralympic Academy of Sports Medicine (Since 2005 up to now)
  • Has a Sports Medicine Ceremony from the Presidents of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jacques Rogge and Thomas BachNutrition Nutrition Provider Nutrition Sports Medicine Federation 1999
  • - The Central Asian Doping Organization Regional Organization
  • The members of the medical community of mountain sports
  • Sports nutrition advisor of Saipa Sports and Cultural Club and the championship of the club in the Football and Volleyball Federation of Iran
  • Activities in all areas of scientific, research, educational and executive nutrition athletes at national and international levels from 1997 to present
  • Board member of the sports nutrition board of the National Olympic Academy and Paralympics
  • Nutrition advisor for the Federation of Wrestling, Taekwondo, karate and table tennis
  • Responsible for the Nutrition Committee in the sports camps of the Sports Medicine Federation and the National Athletic Association
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Nutrition Board (ATA) and Public Relations Officer of this association
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Food and Nutrition Scientific Association of Iran's Health Supporters and Public Relations Officer
  • Member of the Department of Dietetics of the Iranian Nutrition Association (ATA)
  • Faculty member of the first festival and Permanent Student Health Campaign in collaboration with UNESCO
  • Member of the Nutrition Nutrition Committee of the Medical Committee of the Doha Asian Games Preparatory Headquarters 2006 and the Beijing Olympics 2008
  • Member of the Committee for Sport Nutrition at the Sports Federation
  • Sports nutrition adviser and international lecturer at the National Olympic and Paralympic Academy
  • Inspector and expert in nutrition monitoring athletes in Athletics training camps for the Olympics and Paralympics
  • Member of the Medical Examination Team of the Expeditionary Teams to the Singapore Olympic Games and the Asian Games of Guangzhou
  • Member of the International Committee for Sports Nutrition at the Wrestling International Institute
  • Secretary of the Academy of Nutrition Academy of Asian Shooting and Director of Sports Nutrition Shops Confederation of Asian Shooting
  • Sports nutrition advisor and member of the Sports Medicine Committee of the Mountaineering Federation
  • Scientific advisor and member of Regional Organization for Doping Central Asia (RADOCA)


Books and brochures:

  • Writing and translating several titles of sports nutrition brochures at the National   Olympic Academy and the Sports Medicine Federation
  • Nutrition and recovery for basketball athletes
  • Sports nutrition for basketball coaches (Levels 3-2 and 1)
  •  Supplements and Athletes
  • Principles of Nutrition Consultation


Educational Experience:

  1. Participate in all congresses, training courses and sports nutrition workshops (national and international) and other related fields of sports medicine at the National Olympic Academy and the Sports Medicine Federation
  2. Participate in the sports nutrition course at London Metropolitan University
  3. Participation in the Doping Training Course of the Central Asian Doping Organization
  4. Participate in all programs (congress, seminar, symposium, conference and workshop) Nutrition and Nutrition Sports Continuing medical education
  5. Sports nutrition specialist Radius Health, Radio Radio, Youth Radio and Radio Iran
  6. Expert on live nutrition and exercise programs on the 5th and 5th Sima Sports Network
  7. Participation in nutrition congresses and workshops of the Iranian Nutrition Association (sports-children, diabetes and research method)
  8. Participation in non-doping nutrition and bodybuilding training courses
  9. Participate in training courses on sports supplements
  10. Participation in the anthropometric training courses of the International Association of Anthropometry and Coronation (ISAK)
  11. Participation in family health workshops
  12. Participation in the UNICEF Children and Peace Workshop
  13. Participate in Nutrition Leadership (Levels 1-2-3 and 4)
  14. Participating in pharmacology courses


  • Nutrition of athletes
  • Anthropometry
  • Dietary analysis
  • Behavioral therapy and weight control
  • Nutrition of children



Sports and Artistic Backgrounds:

Basketball teams in different categories

Member of the Medical Students Olympiad's basketball team

Activities in the areas of calligraphy, vocal and traditional music