Falak Zeb  is a Doctor,Nanjing Medical University,China

Falak Zeb


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Nanjing Medical University


  • Wu X, Chen L, Zeb F, Huang Y, An J, Jiang P, Chen A, Xu C, Ren J, Feng Q. Asparagus extract prevents against acrolein-aggravated atherosclerosis in association with gut microbiota and miR-155 regulation in apoE-/- mice. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. [Under review]
  • Xiaoyue Wu, Lijun Chen, Falak Zeb, Yunxiang Huang, Jing An, Jianglei Ren, Feng Yang, Qing Feng. Regulation of circadian rhythms by NEAT1 mediated TMAO-induced endothelial proliferation: A protective role of asparagus extract. Experimental Cell Research 382 (2019) 111451.
  • Xiaoyue Wu, Lijun Chen, Falak Zeb, Chaofeng Li, Pan Jiang, Aochang Chen, Chuyue Xu, Ijaz ul Haq, Qing Feng. Clock-Bmal1 mediates MMP9 induction in acroleinpromoted atherosclerosis associated with gut microbiota regulation. Environmental Pollution 252 (2019) 1455e1463.
  • Iftikhar Alam∗, Farhad Ali, Falak Zeb∗∗, Ali Almajwal, Sadia Fatima, Xiaoyue Wu. Relationship of nutrigenomics and aging: Involvement of DNA methylation. Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism 16 (2019) 100098.
  • Almajwal, A., Alam, I., Zeb, F. and Fatima, S. (2019) Energy Metabolism and Allocation in Selfish Immune System and Brain: A Beneficial Role of Insulin Resistance in Aging. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 10, 64-80.


Ph.D in Nutrition:                  Nanjing Medical University, China.
MS in Human Nutrition:        The University of Agriculture Peshawar- Pakistan. 
BS in Human Nutrition:          2009-2012 The University of Agriculture Peshawar- Pakistan. 
Diploma in Health Technology:    2009-2010 PGPI Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, Pakistan.


  • Journal of Human Physiology
  • Journal of Obesity and Weight Management
  • Open Journal of Nutrition and Food Science
  • Journal of International Education and Practice