Ashraf Mahdy Sharoba is a Professor,Benha University ,Egypt

Ashraf Mahdy Sharoba


Organizing Committee


Benha University


  • Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mahdy Sharoba, Professor in the Food Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Benha University.
  • He have 25 years of teaching experience.
  • He have supervised many undergraduate projects and many master and Ph.D. theses in Food Technology Department, Benha University and other universities in Egypt.
  • His filed is Food Engineering, food rheology, food texture, food technology and human nutrition. Moreover, I have the training expertise in my field, also I am scientific consultant to some food companies.


  • I have published many specialized researches in international and local international journals.


  • Member of the editorial board of several scientific journals and an arbitrator and evaluator of several international journals specialized in food and nutrition.
  • Member of the editorial board of several international scientific conferences in the field of food and nutrition.