Arwa Mustafa is a  Senior Researcher and Lecturer,Kristianstad University,Sweden

Arwa Mustafa

Senior Researcher and Lecturer

Organizing Committee Member


Kristianstad University


Arwa Mustafa, PhD is a dedicated senior lecturer and researcher with a decade of successful experience in the flied of innovation and new product development, having focus on functional foods, and health products, natural ingredients using Green Technologies and adapting UN-SDGs. Arwa Mustafa has a passion intaking research findings to marketable products, she is the founder of Swedish start-up that produces a range of healthy drinks and vegan sauces that is unique combination of Sudanese-Swedish research and raw-ingredients. Arwa Mustafa has her academic and work experience from five countries in three different continents.


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  • Ph.D.,2008.FoodScience,SwedishUniversityofAgriculturalSciences(SLU),Sweden.Thesis title:“AcrylamideinBread,Precursors,FormationandReduction.
  • M.Sc.,2000.FoodScience,ProcterDepartment ofFoodScience,TheUniversityofLeeds,Leeds, UK.
  • B.Schonours. 1998. Food Science & Technology, School of health Sciences, Ahfad University.


  • Novel and functional foods- NPD
  • Green and sustainable extraction technologies
    • Phytochemicals and Nutraceuticals formulation (Have a patent pending application in the field)
  • Acrylamide in food, formation, and mitigation measures


  • Innovations Kontor Syd Innovations Grant 2020
  • Vinnova Verification Grant 2020
  • ALMI verification Grant I 2020
  • ALMI verification Grant II 2019
  • 2004 -2007 IDB merit scholarships for the PhD studies abroad, 1100 USD per month
  • 1999 Scholarship from the Procter Department of Food for outstanding student, £1000
  • 1998 award of the top of the batch for the academic year 1997- 1998, Ahfad University
  • 1998 Prize of the outstanding research in Food Processing, Ahfad University