Amr Ahmed Ahmed El-Sayed is a Doctor,Zagazig University,Egypt

Amr Ahmed Ahmed El-Sayed


Organizing Committee


Zagazig University


  • Worked at the Egyptian Armed Forces since 21/10/2004 till 1/4/2007 as a Specialist Officer in some Food science branches: A. Production, Processing and Preservation of foods. B. Working as Human Nutrition Specialist.
  • Worked at Research Unit of Food Technology-Desert Research Center (DRC) from 11/11/2007 till 21/4/2009 in the fields below: A. Extraction and Production of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. B. Pickling of Green and Black Olives. C. Packaging of Medical and Aromatic Plants. D. Extraction of   Medical and Aromatic Oils. E. Worked in Laboratory of Food Analysis and Quality Control.
  • Obtained a scholarship by the project of "the next generation scientists" from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) - Egypt - to study the Master’s Degree in food Technology –faculty of Agriculture - Suez Canal University from 22/4/2009 till 1/10/2009 and was cancelled by ASRT, because of the supervisor’s obligation on the duration of the scholarship (30 months).                            
  • Working at Zagazig University Hospitals as Human Nutrition Specialist (Dietitian) from 22/1/2012 till now


  • Qualification/ Bachelor’s Degree of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Place/ Faculty of Agriculture. Department/ Food Sciences.
  • Discipline/ Food Science (Dairy Science - Human Nutrition -Food Technology).
  • Average/very good (81.3%) – among super graduates. University/ Zagazig.
  • Qualification/ Master’s Degree of Agricultural Sciences. 
  • Place/ Faculty of Agriculture. Department/ Food Science.
  • Discipline/ Food Technology.
  • Average/ Excellent. University/ Zagazig. 
  • Thesis Title: Functional properties of some fermented fruit and vegetable products.